This "28 000 Book - Make Every Day Count" promises practical & comprehensive guidance for financial planning. We all have 28 000 days to live, and this book guides you through your entire life process.  Readers will:

Raise The Awareness For The Need Of Insurance

Learn About Retirement Planning & How Much To Save

Learn About Property Investment & Assets Accumulation

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From: Dr Sanjay Tolani

Your Personal Insurance Mentor
17 X MDRT, 2 X COT, 13 X TOT
Dear Future Financial Planner,
Have you always faced rejection from seemingly cold prospects? Gotten close to a ‘yes’ for an appointment, but fell short in the end?  Wondering in bewilderment at how others manage to secure their appointment but you can't?

Well, then it’s simple, you absolutely need a new way to approach them. And this 28000 Book seeks to help you do so! In it, I have documented a step by step strategy that will make readers want to buy more insurance to protect themself

Ranging from childhood planning to retirement planning, this invaluable playbook will show readers step by step how to plan their own financial road map from young till you retire. And if you follow closely to what is outline in this step, not only will you get better insurance coverage, you'll definitely get a peace of mind. 
Here's What You Can Expect To Learn:
  • Understand why you should buy education insurance for your child (Pg 24) 
  • Should you put your money with the bank or somewhere else? (pg 30)
  • Property investment tips & trick (Pg 31) 
  • ​The 50/20/30 Rule that will guide your expenses & savings. (pg 46) 
  • ​Knowing what kind of insurance and how much to get (pg 53) 
  • ​Importance of health and medical insurance (pg 57)
  • Asset Management & Asset accumulation - how much should you invest in your 40s? & the right amount of insurance to get you ready for retirement?(pg 67)
  • ​Tips and tricks for retirement planning (pg 92) 
And the list goes on.. I even included spaces for you in the book where readers could follow the 28 000 presentation ( circle of life) to do some simple financial planning. 

Remember: This book serves to help you understand how much coverage you exactly need in your whole life. It also teaches you how to plan for your retirement and your kids.
P.s. This book is fully printed in color to ensure readers has the best experiences =)
Sanjay Tolani Has Already Helped Countless Financial Advisors Around The World...
“I gave this book to 20 Prospects and all of them called me back.. Its the perfect gift for getting people to know you are serious about this business.. Thanks Sanjay"
Muhammad, Insurance Director, Kuala Lumpur
"A prospect was always avoiding me.. The book helped to open up a conversation.. I put in a Note on the front page as you suggested and he called back to say Thank You... Now my turn to say Thank You Sanjay"
Thomas, Unit Sales Manager, Singapore
"I am Shy; but you gave me the idea on how to start a conversation... "What is your Lucky Number?" and it really opened doors for me... The book made it easy for me to get the point across.. Will share this with more people.."
Zhi Yin, Associate, Singapore
"After reading this book, i have a better understanding of my clients' need at different stages of life. What really amazed me was what is written on pg 33 where he mention the needs of young adults. Totally change my perspective despite being in the industry for 4.5 years..."
Michelle Wong, Independent Financial Adviser, Malaysia
Frequently Asked Questions 
 Who is Dr Sanjay Tolani?
Dr Sanjay Tolani, a 17-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, with 2 Court of the Table & 13 Top of the Table honors.

He became the youngest member in 2003 at the age of 19 and then qualified as the Youngest Life Member in 2012 at the age of 28. He also became the Youngest Managing Director of an Insurance Brokerage in the Middle East.
Will Dr Sanjay's Book be relevant to us?
Absolutely! This is because even though Dr Sanjay is based in Dubai, his clients come from 53 countries including Singapore and Malaysia. As his clients here in Singapore and Malaysia are savvy and educated, he is intimately familiar with our taxation rules, industry regulations and even behaviors of the locals here.
Why is Dr Sanjay so generous in sharing his trade secrets? Is there a catch?
For starters, Dr Sanjay is a solo practitioner. He doesn't manage an agency and has no intention to build one. That's not his focus. Hence this is NOT a recruitment campaign for any private practice or whatsoever. 

His intent is to pay it forward and raise the standards in the financial service industry. This way, everyone wins! You'll like to also know that this is not for profit.
Where do you ship to?
We all countries. If we are unable to ship to your location due to high shipping cost, we will refund the full amount back to you. 
How long does the shipping takes?
As our book is always out of stock, it typically takes up to 21 days to reach you. If the book delivery exceed 21 days, we will email to notify you separately. 
Can I buy in bulk?
We have limited numbers of books printed. This book is meant for people in the family only. 
 Why is Sanjay promoting his book?
Sanjay wants to help more financial advisers to leverage on his expertise and knowledge to serve more prospects. We have limited quantities of books, so it comes on a first come first serve basis. 
 Can I get the book from the bookstore near me?
No. We currently only do online delivery but we are considering to expand and reach out to bookstores in 2020. 
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